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Agree to Disagree at the workplace | Gaurav Sangtani | TEDxSGGSCC

Agree to Disagree at the workplace | Gaurav Sangtani | TEDxSGGSCC

The founder of the Jigyasa Foundation, Vice President of an international investment bank, an educator by hobby and a poet by passion, Gaurav Sangtani is a multifaceted personality. In his talk, he speaks about the importance of disagreement and speaking up at the workplace. He begins by exploring the reasons as to why people are hesitant to speak up. He also suggests possible ways to express disagreement while also overcoming said challenges. Then from the point of view of leaders, Gaurav explains the importance of fostering an environment where their employees or followers feel they can speak up, raise issues and feel free to disagree. The talk ends with him explaining how better leaders and high performers are the ones who speak up for themselves and that the only way to have loyal employees is to give them a voice. A writer, speaker, teacher, poet and a, Vice President for an International Investment Bank; Gaurav Sangtani has a multifaceted personality. Founder President of Jigyasa Foundation: a non-profit organization dedicated to education, he is passionate about teaching about technology and leadership. He is also a teacher by hobby having taken lectures at various institutes. He is also interested in tech disruption and its impact on business and society, he has been writing and speaking on this and on other leadership topics. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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